We understand that when planning a wedding you have many calls and big decisions to make. So we will try to keep it easy for you.


If you have an idea of an ice sculpture in mind for your wedding, that will always help. If you can give us some ideas of what you enjoy in your spare time together or how you met, that will also help. Let us know if there is a theme or color scheme for your wedding. Share any pertinent information so we can create that special touch to top off your event!


Once we have an idea of what interests you we can email over some design ideas. We will include all pricing information. Whenever we set up a sculpture for a wedding we always provide a drip pan, lighting, drain tote for excess water, chunk ice to display around the sculpture, and timely delivery and set up.


Once you decide on your sculpture design (or know you will have a sculpture), you will proceed by filling out the order form with the proper information. The form should be signed and mailed into our office with a deposit of fifty dollars. It's not necessary to know the design when you send in the form.


When we receive your deposit we will immediately send out a notification in response to let you know we have reserved your day and time. We will also remind you of the balance and due date. The balance is always due one week prior to your event. If you order your sculpture within one month of your event, then a full payment is required.


If you are having a difficult time deciding on a design and need to meet with us in person and you have sent in your deposit, we are more than willing to do so by appointment. If you are simply interested in coming in and checking out our facility to see how we make ice and ice sculptures, then you may find it a fun experience for you both.


We also have a blog that features articles on ice sculpting, and ideas for incorporating ice into your wedding. Check it out for lots of informative articles!


If you have any other questions about ice and ice sculpting, click on our "ask the ice sculptor" page,
we have a lot of common questions listed there.



View our wedding ice sculptures.


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