Ask the Ice Sculptor


Is that really ice and does it melt?
Yes it is and yes it does. When we set up an ice sculpture we provide a timely delivery, set up, drip pan, lighting, chunk ice to put around the sculpture and a drain tote to hold the excess water.


When should I tell the sculptors to arrive with my carving?
We will arrive 90 minutes prior to start. Our goal is to leave the ice sculpture set up by at least 45 minutes before the start of your event. Average set up time is approx. 20 min.


What happens to the sculpture?
It melts into the drip pan. The pan has a hose that leads out the back and drains into an 18 gallon tote.


What do I need to provide?
The customer needs to have a sturdy table, clothed and skirted. The table should be able to hold 200 lbs.


What if there is no electricity?
We provide battery operated lighting. No electricity is needed for the sculpture set up.


Can you color the ice?
Yes. We can customize sculptures by adding color, freezing in pictures, or adding colored lights.


How long will it last?
Approximately 5 - 7 hours in controlled room


How much space do I need for my sculpture?
Plan on having a 2 foot x 2 foot square space on your table for each sculpture you order. Two block sculptures will require a 2 foot x 4 foot space.


Can you write names on the sculpture?
We can customize any sculpture with names or initials.


Can you reproduce a colored logo?


Can we pour liquor down the ice?

Yes, we call them luges.


How do I start the ordering process?
You can either go to our contact page and fill out the inquiry form, or call us with your questions at 614-449-8770.
We are here to help make your event unique and memorable for you and your guests!

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