Products and Services


We provide a variety of products and services:


Ice Sculptures

- Weddings, Ice Bars, Ice Luges, Corporate Logos, Holiday, Food Ice, and more.


Budget Ice Sculptures

- Available for pick-up only. See Budget Ice Sculptures for more details.


Pumpkin Carving

- We carve displays for Festivals, Corporate Events, Table Centerpieces, Buffets, and Doorstep. We create 3D faces, custom logos, large scale displays, and more. We also specialize in Pumpkin Carving Competitions. View our Pumpkin Carving page for more information.


Food Art

- Our Food Art is a great option for your buffet display, birthday party, or wedding. We also provide cheese carvings.


Sand Sculptures

We carve large display Sand Sculptures for Special Events, Festivals, Fairs, and Corporate Events. We can even carve table-top sand sculptures.


Festival Entertainment

- We have over 20 years experience in festival and event entertainment and can provide sculptures for your Winter, Summer, or Fall event. Visit our Festivals page, where we showcase a range of options for any event.



- We provide demonstrations in Ice, Sand, Pumpkin, Fruit, and Chalk. View our Demonstrations page for more information.


Special Events

- Rock On ice can provide ice sculptures for all your special events, including sports events, galas, corporate parties, and more. Visit our Special Events page to view some of our large scale sculptures.


Event and Competition Management

- We have experience organizing and managing numerous events and competitions for: NICA sanctioned events, Professional competitions, Collegiate competitions, People's Choice, and more. Visit our Competitions page for more information.


Ice Carving Classes

- Certified Master Ice Carver and Ice Carving Educator, Greg Butauski, has a credited school program that will teach students the basics of sculpting ice. For more information, see our Ice Carving Classes page.


Carving Blocks

- We make ice at our own facility. "Raw" blocks are available for purchase. 40x20x10.


Drink Spheres and Cubes

- Ice Spheres - 2.5 inches

- Ice Cubes - 2 inches

- Ice Cubes with engraved letter

- Ice Sticks - 1.5 x 1.5 x 6.5

- Dry Ice

- Ice Loaves


Rock On Ice

Rock On Ice

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